Dilango to bring your day to day travelling to your fingertips with responsible driving.
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DilanGo Philosophy

According to the vision of Dilantha Malagamuwa

Support the drivers of DilanGo and their families

20% of the profit of DilanGo initiative goes back to the drivers of DilanGo to strength up the drivers and drivers’ families financial, social and mental status by giving them loans, scholars for children and etc..

Supports Little Hearts fundraising project

10% profit of the DilanGo initiative goes to CSR projects including the project “Little Hearts” which was established for the construction of a 12-storey Cardiac and Critical Care Complex for Children.

Supports & develop sports in Sri Lanka

DilanGo is dedicated to empower and encourage the sports in Sri Lanka, by sponsoring and supporting sportsmen and sportswomen , for them to make their path and become international champions.